How to make more than 200 women who have never joined a sport event finish a triathlon?

We know how. And we have done it not only once, but THREE TIMES.

Here are the keys to get it: solidarity, social support, an organisation that keeps improving year after year, motivation, professional assessment, support groups… and a great deal of laughter.

The first edition of this fundraiser triathlon was celebrated in 2015 under the name TriWomen Santa Rosa. Since then, solidarity has encouraged many women to get out of their sofas instead of remaining in their daily routines. They have dared facing their fears to finish a challenge they initially thought they were not capable of dealing with. Here’s to them, and to every woman who fights every day to overcome cancer or to escape from a situation of gender violence.

What about you, will you join us?

Together, we have raised more than 15,000 € that have been invested in breast cancer investigation and in improving the life of women victims of gender violence in Lanzarote.

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